A New Era of Human Thriving



Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
doesn’t make any sense.



You're in good company:  Everyone that lands here wants better connections and relationships in their life, whether they be as a father, son, mother, daughter, friend, lover, neighbor, or whoever.
Yet, only a few are ready to go the extra mile to create amazing connections.  Few are ready to wade through the awkwardness that stands between them and experiencing the richness of another human.  And still fewer are ready to face that awkwardness again and again and yet again out of love for themselves, their friends, family, children, neighbors, or the so-called strangers that walk among us.
So how do you know you're ready?   Here's a short quiz to help: 
    • Does the idea of feeling more inspired after conversations with your friends and family sound inviting?
    • Have you faked listening to someone in the past week?
    • Do you wish you knew or understood your parents, children, or lovers better?  
    • Have you ever complained about "small talk?"
    • Have you ever felt annoyed that someone was repeatedly checking their phone instead of connecting with you?
    • Have you ever thought that mobile phones, texting, or facebooking were having a negative effect on our sense of community? 
    • Have you ever purchased or read a book about love or relationships?
    • Have you ever attended a workshop to learn about meditation or relationships?
If you answered yes to two or more, then odds are you're ready to try a Connectorcise workout and if you answered yes to four or more you're probably ready to elevate connection to an art or practice in your life.
The Connectorcise workout program is a system of group and partner exercises designed to expand and strengthen your capacity to connect with others.   The exercises are a blend of ancient eye gazing and sentence-completions that gently stretch your tolerance of social awkwardness and discomfort and bring you into the present moment. 
    • Like a yoga workout that stretches your muscles and extends your ability to stay calm and centered in your breath as you do so, our Connectorcise games extend your range of emotional engagement while being in connection with others, enabling you to stay in the moment, listen with deeper empathy, and communicate with greater passion. 
    • You'll practice silent eye gazing and other face-to-face exercises that allow you to slow down and feel into what's happening in your body, gently burning through your fears and building social confidence and influence. 
    • You'll learn to ride and harness the creative energy that arises in connection, for greater freedom, spontaneity, and playfulness. 
With regular practice, you'll not only understand that there's hidden possibiity and power in every human encounter, but also know that you carry your own key to unlocking it.   
Thank you for visiting.  We look forward to being with you at one of our upcoming Connectorcise classes or supporting you with one of our other offerings.
Wishing you 10 times more joy, love, and connection!
Eduardo Drake
Founder, The Oneness Company
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