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60-Minute One-on-One Art of Community Workout Session

60-Minute One-on-One Art of Community Workout Session

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Most people have the wrong thinking about community.  The tendency is to think of community as a place, when really it's really an experience, and like all experiences it's something that we have a huge role in creating.  The wrong thinking points us away from the experience we want.  Better thinking points us toward it.  Examining the word community itself reveals that it contains the verb "to commune."  From there we can connect to experiences where we have actually communed, for example in a religious or spiritual context, or perhaps even in nature where the word seems to have greater usage these days.   So ultimately the experience of community is an experience that results from the activity of communing. 

In this workout session, we'll practice communing with another person.  Your Master the Moment coach, an experienced communer, will guide through a series of Connectorcise games that will deepen your ability to see, listen, and speak in the moment.  

This is an online video Skype or Facebook messenger session.    Exact time to be scheduled with your assigned Master The Moment Coach.