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Master the Moment -- 3D Connection Workout - Level 1

Master the Moment -- 3D Connection Workout - Level 1

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Master The Moment

3D Connection Workout

We all know that life occurs in the Moment; yet, we often don't even know when we're lost in the past or the future, missing out on the joy and vitality of the here and now. Missing the moment not only diminishes the quality of our own lives and relationships, but also hurts the people we care about the most: our family, friends, and loved ones, who want and deserve deeper attention and engagement. Many of us want to experience and offer this, but haven't been taught how to, or haven't been able to break free of the relational habits that keep us out of the moment.   Until now.
The 3D Connection Workout is a one-hour guided set of relational exercises that strengthen your connection skills by building awareness, emotional strength, and capacity to truly see, deeply listen, and authentically speak to others in the moment.  These exercises show us how to add the vital third dimension to our connections--- presence.  Presence is where depth or soulfulness lives, and without it, our conversations are flat and lifeless, like a picture compared to real life.  Think back to any great conversation or interaction you've ever had, and you'll know that you were present, even if only by accident.
As your skills develop with continued practice, you'll see, feel, and appreciate beauty in all humans and in so doing help others see and experience themselves in new extraordinary ways. You might even find that every human you meet, including the ones you already know, is truly a gift waiting to be discovered. Others are likely to experience you as the gift you are as well.

Join us to:

  • Experience more meaningful conversations and deeper connections while learning simple tools and language that you can take home and use with anyone.
  • Increase your confidence in meeting and connecting in all types of social and professional situations with people of all races, creeds, colors, ages.
  • Expand your capacity to love, to lead, and to create greater connection and community in the world.

Class size is limited to 20; so sign up now to start or continue building the in-the-moment awareness and skills you need to take your life and all your connections to the next level.   

Session will be held at Uptown's Community Gathering Space - 36th  and Bryant3554 Bryant Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55408.  

First timers save $15 off every workout, with promocode Firsttimer.   

Sign up for an adventure in creating connection that will last a lifetime!