A New Era of Human Thriving

What Kind of Ripple Are You

On the day you were born, you splash landed into a great pool of humanity, the ripples radiating out in all directions like the rays of the sun, warming and illuminating and caressing all in their path.  And it's true even today, you're part of that pool with every action and reaction, thought and unthought, rippling through the cosmos.  What's more true now is that you can choose with ever greater fidelity what kind of ripple you are.   

We built this collection to amplify your belief and understanding that we are all one, that we're in this together.  You know that sometimes you forget, and that others do too.  We needn't look far to see the result of this forgetfulness.  What's also true is that we can help each other remember our options.  Now more than ever we all need that help.

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