A New Era of Human Thriving

Master the Moment, Connection Events and Workouts

Thank you for visiting us here.  We're so glad that you found us.  And we hope that we can offer you some comfort and nourishment while you're here as well as something enduring to take away.

We all know that life occurs in the Moment; yet, we often don't even know when we're lost in the past or the future, missing out on the joy and vitality of the here and now. Missing the moment not only diminishes the quality of our own lives and relationships, but also hurts the people we care about the most: our family, our friends, and our loved ones who want and deserve deeper attention and engagement.

Many of us want to experience and offer this, but don't really know what to do to change things.  We don't know that there's are ways to make eye contact or to listen that create closeness and deeper connection.  In the past, some of us might have known what to do or say, but stopped short of actually doing or saying it, because we got rattled and totally lost our way in the heat of the moment.   The moment might have been answering a tough question in a job interview, asking that hottie out for a date, being spontaneously playful with your boyfriend, really telling your dad or mom how much you love them, speaking up about an injustice you witnessed, or walking across the room to say hello to a stranger.  It could have been anything, but the result was the same:  Some part of us shutdown in the intensity, and we offered something far less than we wanted to.  We missed out on another chance to make a difference we wanted to make.

So what's the answer?  Knowledge and practice.    And this is where Master the Moment comes in. 

We're offering events and workouts to help you not only experience amazing connections, but help you develop and practice the fundamental skills of creating in-the-moment connections with anyone.  The keys are greater eye contact, deeper listening, and authentic speech.   Experience is the best teacher, so we don't spend hours lecturing you, we invite you into face-to-face exercises, where you can safely and playfully experience and move through your own barriers to connection in the heat of the moment.  We offer you multiple opportunities to stretch beyond your typical ways of connecting and develop new capacity.  In the same way that stretching your muscles builds new range and flexibility for your body. you'll build new range and flexibility in your social muscles for deeper and more inspiring connections.  

You'll feel better about making connections after your first Master the Moment experience, and build on from there.  On your own or through return workouts with us.  

We're excited about our offerings, because in developing our own capacity to connect, we've experienced countless moments of joy and inspiration with friends, family, and loved ones, and know that we can make new friends and family out of nearly every human interaction we have.  The freedom and sense of being home that comes from that is profound.  

Our dream is a world where everyone feels at home wherever they are.   It's no accident that you're here.  We know that you can help us make it happen by taking charge of your own ability to connect.  This is your life.  This is your time.   And we're here to help you make the most out of every moment.