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Connection Explorer 3-Pack of Connectorcise Classes

Connection Explorer 3-Pack of Connectorcise Classes

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Congratulations on making it this far.  You understand the enduring value of connections and are ready to explore and discover more of what's available.  You're also ready to invest more time and energy into extending your tolerance for awkwardness. You can smell gold in those hills and are ready to make this bite-size commitment that feeds you more connection in class and sets the stage for more breakthroughs in your awareness and capacity to connect everywhere you go. 

Sign up to experience three 60-minute group sessions of breakthrough connection practices, such as silent eye gazing and experiential in-the-moment sharing, that invite you to the edge of your comfort zone and slightly beyond into awkwardness where you can continue dissolving your fears and creating deeper levels of connection with your classmates.  By the end of the third session, you may have already started practicing outside of class, nourishing others with your expanding awareness and curiosity.   Please note that the session pass is valid for 60 days to ensure you enjoy a cumulative effect of your sessions.

We're living in a culture of contact with millions starving for deeper connection behind walls of comfort, fear of awkwardness, and ignorance of what's on the other side.   Many are good at breaking the ice with small talk, and get stuck there.  With Connectorcises, you'll learn the art of melting it.