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Quarterly 6-Pack of Unity Team Building Connectorcise Workouts for Team of 5-15

Quarterly 6-Pack of Unity Team Building Connectorcise Workouts for Team of 5-15

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Congratulations on making it this far.  Most of the world is unaware that they can break their past habits of connection to create something richer and more rewarding.  You're committed to developing your connection skills and capacity and want your corporate or startup team not only to experience deeper unity and group trust, but to integrate that unity and trust into your culture as a behavior shift.  You want them to feel the common bonds they share and collaborate with deep love and respect for each other.  Equally, you want to elevate your team's ability to connect with each other and with customers into a lasting competitive advantage.

Sign your team up to experience breakthrough connection practices, such as silent eye gazing and in-the-moment presencing exercises, that take them to the edge of their comfort zone and slightly beyond into awkwardness where they can begin dissolving their fears, and ultimately creating deeper levels of connection, confidence, and unity with each other.     

We're living in a culture of contact with millions starving for deeper connection behind walls of comfort and fear of awkwardness.   This is even more true in the workplace where professional roles overlayed on underdeveloped capacities to  connect leave little breathing room for deeper connection, creativity, and collaboration.   

Many on your team are good at breaking the ice with small talk.  But what if they were masters at the art of melting it?  With each other? And with your customers?    What if you were the first company in your industry where customers loved to interact with you because you always made them feel better?