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Connectorcise For Business

We turbocharge corporate leaders and workforces using interactive mindfulness training.

We believe that there are no ordinary moments.  That every moment, wherever we are, is bursting with the possibility of massive insight, creativity, joy, beauty. Pure magnificence ready for the taking. That you and every person on your team deserves all that and more.  And that mindfulness is the key to unlocking that possibility for you and your organization.

We can help you upgrade the mindfulness and engagement of your executive leadership and professional workforce with highly interactive face-to-face meditation practices.

When you engage us, we deliver onsite trainers who lead key individuals or groups in 60-minute interactive mindfulness workouts that incorporate intentional eye contact, deep listening, and structured dialogue. Through regularly scheduled workouts, you and your team not only build individual mindfulness muscles for enhanced focus, productivity, creativity, and wellness, but also unleash the collective power of shared humanity and the deeper familial trust necessary for improved engagement. 

Extraordinary organizations, like yours, engage us for weekly, monthly, or quarterly trainings. Unlike conventional closed-eye solitary meditation, your team bonds through face-to-face exercises that build real-time connection. Working out together, your team integrates mindful communications techniques with the people they work with, reinforcing training relevance, as well as promoting company unity and loyalty. In short, Connectorcise provides regular workout experiences that meld your individuals into a collective with a palpable sense of family.  What your family does is your business.  Helping you make it a family is ours.

Are we a good fit for you? We don't know. It's worth a conversation if you understand the power of mindfulness and are committed to nurturing and unleashing inspired loyalty and performance of your team. It's worth a conversation, if you understand that going to the gym once is good for you, but that true fitness is a way of life. It's worth a conversation if you understand that any culture, including yours, is the result of practiced behaviors, not posted values or mission statements.  It's worth a conversation, if you know the rubber meets the road in every moment when your eyes meet someone's eyes:  Those of your next customer, those of your best or worst employee.  Or when the eyes on your team meet or don't meet those of your prospects.  Or each others.   It's worth a conversation, if you want to take ownership of the moments that define your culture and make every one of them as extraordinary as it can be for you, your team, and your customers. 

Contact us to learn more or have us stop over for a free 30-minute test drive Connectorcise session with one or two of your key executives. You'll learn something that you can put to use immediately, and that just might make the difference in your next conversation and everyone you ever have afterward. 

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