A New Era of Human Thriving

Connectorcise For Business

We turbocharge business leaders and teams using interactive mindfulness training.

We believe that there are no ordinary moments.  That every moment, wherever we are, is bursting with the possibility of massive insight, creativity, joy, beauty. That you and every person on your team deserves all that and more.  And that mindfulness is the key to unlocking all that potential for you and your organization. 

Yes, it might sound too good to be true, but what if it's not.  Maybe you're doubting that you deserve such moments, or that your people really want to be that engaged or excited with their life at work.   In the end, would you rather be one who supported their magnificence, or stood in the way of it?   

We can help you upgrade the mindfulness and engagement of your executive leadership and professional workforce with highly interactive face-to-face meditation practices.

When you engage us, we deliver onsite trainers who lead key individuals or groups in 60-minute interactive mindfulness workouts that incorporate intentional eye contact, deep listening, structured dialogue, and free form conversations. Through regularly scheduled workouts, you and your team not only build individual mindfulness muscles for enhanced focus, productivity, creativity, and wellness, but also unleash the collective power of shared humanity and the deeper trust and connectedness necessary for improved engagement and high performance.  We're unique in combining the benefits of meditation and connection into one simple, affordable program that gets to the root cause of stress, burnout, and disengagement--lack of present moment awareness.  

Extraordinary organizations engage us for weekly, monthly, or quarterly trainings. Unlike conventional closed-eye solitary meditation, your team bonds through face-to-face exercises that simultaneously strengthen focus and build real-time connection. Working out together, your team integrates mindful communications techniques with the people they work with, reinforcing training relevance, as well as promoting company unity and loyalty.  In short, Connectorcise provides regular workout experiences that meld your individuals into a unified collective with a palpable sense of family.  We don't dig into strategy and corporate vision, but instead focus on upgrading the quality of habitual interactions that ultimate govern team performance.  What your family does is your business.  Helping you make it feel like one is ours.

Are you ready for us? If you've read this far, you must be curious and that's a good sign because frankly most folks are terrified to go off the beaten path, even to check us out.  But you know that to get different results, you've got to do things differently.  Other signs you might be ready are: 

    • Your gut agrees with Google's discovery that the #1 indicator of a high-performing, innovative team is the psychological safety and trust that can only develop solely through social connectedness.  
    • You understand that on average 68% of employees are disengaged and disconnected at work
    • You understand that your culture is, not one big thing, but a million little things that happen when you're not around.
    • It's compelling to you that connected and engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organization
    • You appreciate that mindfulness meditation --a practice that reduces stress, improves productivity, boosts creativity, and reduces healthcare costs-- is being championed by corporate giants like Google, Apple, Nike, Aetna, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, P&G, General Mills, Target, and Thrivent.
    • You're at least a little bit miffed when you consider implications of the  Harvard study showing that on average American adults are mind-wandering 47% of the time.
    • You're interested in building something special that's not just a paycheck for your teammates, but that powers them up to be better humans wherever they go in the world
    • You know that in business and coworker relationships the rubber meets the road in how well people treat each other, how much eye contact they make or don't make, how well they listen or don't, how perceptive and intuitive they are about what's actually happening,
    • You like the idea of spending money on your team in way that not only benefits your business, but also them in their professional and personal lives 
    • You want to take ownership of the moments that define your culture and make every one of them as extraordinary as it can be for you, your team, and your customers.

Contact us to learn more or have us stop over for a free 30-minute test drive session with one or two of your key executives. You'll learn something that you can put to use immediately to create greater engagement and connection. 

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