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Welcome To 10 Times More Love

The party’s just getting started and you’re just who we need to take it to the next level.

Take a deep breath and think of a time when you were in love.  Let your thoughts linger on that, the season, the circumstances.

If you’re like me and most others, the grass was greener.  And the sky bluer.  You were on cloud nine, the wine tasted better, that chocolate cake was sweeter, everything was better— even the stuff you never liked but had to endure. There was magic around every corner, and nothing could bring you down.  And if it did, down wasn’t down anymore, it was a left or a right, and it lasted a nanosecond before you surged upward again. What seemed impossible before, suddenly started looking possible. You and me, all of us were UNSTOPPABLE.

The 10 Times More Love book you see in the picture is in the final stages of production.  For those who dare,  it teaches breakthrough bullet-proofing, mind-jacking technology that makes you unstoppable.  Forever. Leave us your name and email. As one of the first 1000 to sign up, you’ll receive a free copy of the book when it’s ready in the next month or so, and  a chance to join us in creating the greatest love story ever told.