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Connection Tester  Free Connectorcise Class for New Students

Connection Tester Free Connectorcise Class for New Students

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Congratulations on making it this far.  Most of the world is unaware that they can break their past habits of connection to create something richer and more rewarding.  You're ready to try something new, and we're delighted to reward your courage by offering you this Free Pass to test drive a 60-minute Connectorcise workout. 

Sign up to experience breakthrough connection practices, such as silent eye gazing and experiential in-the-moment sharing, that invite you to the edge of your comfort zone and slightly beyond into awkwardness where you can begin dissolving your fears and creating deeper levels of connection with your classmates. 

We're living in a culture of contact with millions starving for deeper connection behind walls of comfort and fear of awkwardness.   Many are good at breaking the ice with small talk.  Here, we start learning the art of melting it.